These days, thousands of immigrants, both legal and undocumented, are worried about their status in the U.S. After the White House issued new executive orders in January 2017, the Department of Homeland Security and ICE (Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement) began taking accelerated action again those labeled as “removable,” even if they had legal status. While the Executive Orders did not add to the categories for deportation, they did place a high priority on those who had been convicted or even accused of committing a criminal offense. Some crimes like felonies, drug convictions, and domestic violence offenses immediately make you a target for removal, even if your charges haven’t been resolved yet! It is important to understand how a criminal record can impact your immigration case.

If You Have a Criminal Record What Can You Do about Your Immigration Case?

These orders can change your future. Perhaps you came here on a business visa, fell in love with the US and its people, and got your green card. Then, one day, the police raided your apartment because your roommate was selling drugs without your knowledge, and you were arrested too.

Or maybe you’ve overstayed a visa because you’re afraid to go home. The political climate in your country has become too aggressive and you worry about being targeted. However, you’ve just been arrested on suspicion of DUI, bringing you to the attention of the immigration authorities. Now you risk being torn away from your family and facing a frightening future alone.

At the Law Office of Judith Delus, P.A., we fight to prevent that from happening. Summertime, in particular, is a time when families celebrate their time together by taking vacations, holding backyard BBQs, and enjoying long, lazy days at the beach, and we are committed to ensuring that your family traditions – and ties – remain unbroken.
Our Family Unity Program was created in response to the constant headlines about families being torn apart by harsh immigration enforcement tactics. From July 1 to September 1, we are providing 100 free legal strategy sessions and a bonus Cancellation of Removal for Non-LPR FAQ sheet to the first 100 people who want to keep their families together! 
You may be eligible for skilled legal support under our Family Unity Program if you are not a US citizen, don’t have any previous criminal convictions more serious than DUI on your record, and don’t have any previous deportation order(s). Other conditions apply, so click on the link above for more information and, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Contact an Atlanta Immigration Attorney

Anyone who could be subject to removal after being charged with an offense should obtain attorney representation immediately to understand how the charges can impact their immigration case. 

At Atlanta Family & Immigration Law, you will work with an Atlanta immigration lawyer who understands what’s at stake and has helped many clients overcome the immigration obstacles that a criminal record represents. To schedule a consultation, call 678-601-5580 or contact us.